Children in the company

We provide regular babysitting as well as one-off babysitting for employees’ children. We organise suburban camps in the company and corporate events aimed towards parents with children.


One-time babysitting in companies

We provide babysitting, including a programme and children’s play-corner equipment. One-off babysitting can be used for events for mothers on parental leave or when children have time off and parents have to work.


Regular babysitting in the company

We’ll help secure a sturdy children’s play-corner in the company. We watch children as required by their parents, such as one day a week or regularly every day. It’s an alternative to company nursery. It’s possible to babysit children from 6 months.


Suburban camps in companies

We’ll take care of employees’ children during spring and summer holidays. We’ll pick them up at the company in the morning and return them in the evening, cheerful and tired. The suburban camp can be paid by the employer on an invoice basis or directly by the parents.  


Family teambuilding

A great opportunity to support your good employer brand. Children are the best supporter of the company where parents work. It’s similar to Family Day, the whole family join the activities.


Why is it important for employees to feel good?

The latest surveys in the HR field show that a satisfied employee is more efficient, less vulnerable to burnout, more able to cope with stressful situations, works better in a team and contributes to the whole company’s prosperity. Work-life balance is one of the basic needs of every individual. We’re happy that more and more companies are helping their employees to a happier and more harmonious life.

How can Baby Office help you?

Our mission is to make it easier for parents to work and to help maintain a balance between work and children. We offer regular or one-off babysitting in the company, equipment and operation of a sturdy children’s play-corner or just babysitting on certain days. Among these is babysitting during company seminars, meetings with mothers on parental, Easter or autumn holidays. We also run more and more popular summer suburban camps in companies. We organise family teambuilding in companies to bond work teams in a broader perspective. For meetings for whole employees’ families we’ll be happy to come up with an entertaining event – Children’s Day or St. Nicholas Event 

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