Equipment rental

Do you need to entertain children at the event? We offer proven equipment to help you to entertain all ages from babies, toddlers to younger schoolchildren.


Play area for children

The set includes: children’s furniture – children’s tables and chairs 1 set, game carpets 1 – 2 pieces, pool or playpen for toddlers. Toys and teaching aids: cubes, cardboard bricks (or houses), board games, kits, books. Specific equipment is set by agreement according to the age of children and the size of the area.


Relaxation zone for children and adults

The set includes: Tuli seating bags in various sizes, shapes and colours – pleasant environment according to the needs and age of guests. The bags are variably usable and can be folded as relaxation chairs, roller mats and active children’s play elements. The basic equipment is up to 6 bags (a larger amount is possible by agreement).


Nursing and nappy changing area

The kit includes: 1-2 changing tables or mats, back-up disposable nappies and napkins, breastfeeding seating consisting of two seat bags and nursing pillows. The corner can be supplemented with potty or chairs.


Background for eating

The set includes: 1-2 high dining chairs, microwave for warming baby food, baby dishes or kettle.



Sports zone

The set includes: crawling tunnel, plastic slide, throw on target, children goals with ball (2 pieces), spikeball – set for team ball sport, multi-functional bilibo (mini swing, slalom, sand and water equipment, etc.), fishing (inflatable pool, balls, landing net), and archery. We constantly update our equipment.


Children's furniture separately

The set includes: 2 sets, i.e. 2 children´s table + 8 stools / chairs. Plastic, laminate or solid wood options. More types and colours available.



Garden wooden deck chairs

The set includes: a set of 10 garden wooden deck chairs in blue (without armrests).


Individual elements can be borrowed separately. In case of interest it’s also possible to increase individual elements (number of bags, deckchairs, chairs, dining chairs, etc.)

You’ll find a detailed overview of individual pieces of equipment on our Mobile play-corners website. Here you can choose the specific items you want to borrow and tailor your equipment needs.

Contact us at and we’ll be happy to advise you on the available options. Our suggestions are based on practice and take the age and needs of children into account, as well as the type of event and the involvement of visitors of the event.


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