Mobile children’s play-corners

Do you have concerns about how to entertain the small ones at an adult event? Are you looking for an interesting programme for a children’s party? Want to entertain the children at a wedding? Then you’re right here.


We’ll provide a mobile children's play-corner for the event

You can choose from rental packages for the children’s play area equipment or have a customised corner prepared. We also provide babysitting in the children’s play-corner.


We'll make your product or brand visible

Mobile children’s play-corners are a great opportunity to introduce a product or service to the public for parents with children under 10.


We’ll prepare a programme for children at the wedding including babysitting

Do you want to enjoy your big day without worries? Make your own programme for smaller visitors.


We’ll prepare a children’s birthday party

Do your kids love dinosaurs, excavators or princesses? We provide a celebration with your child’s favourite theme in mind.

Mobilní dětský koutek

Mobile children’s play-corners at adult events

Our aim is to connect the world of children with the world of adults. We carry out mobile children’s play-corners wherever children go with their parents. From our experience we know that if a child is happy, the parent’s experience is enhanced.

We’ll do everything that’s required. We’ll bring toys, supplies for breastfeeding and nappy changing and other necessary equipment. We babysit children from 3 years without parents’ being present. We’ll create an attractive children’s programme, whether they are 3 or 12 years old.

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