We watch children for adults in companies and events, where adults have their own programme. So far, children are discovering the world in a safe environment. We use proven toys and educational aids where children don’t just have fun but also develop.

Hlídání dětí na akcích

When babysitting, we don’t just try to entertain children, but also educate them. We pay attention to their healthy development, while the movement elements are included in babysitting longer than 3 hours. If the babysitting location allows, we go out with the children. Of course there is adherence to the drinking regime.

The age of children we watch

  • from 6 months individually (1 nanny per child)
  • from 18 months in a group (1 tutor for up to 5 children at one time)
  • at public events we babysit children from 3 years old, unless agreed otherwise with the organiser.

Z bezpečnostních důvodů je minimální počet lektorů pro skupinku 2 osoby.

An example of babysitting a group of children from 3 years of age on public event: 2 assistants can watch up to 80 children for 8 hours if children take turns after an hour, or 10 children with a full-day programme including a walk.

Babysitting location

Babysitting is provided in a confined space. It isn’t possible to watch children without an enclosed space. Young children often decide that they need to look for mum or dad, all it takes is a few seconds and the child is suddenly gone.

Také je potřeba, aby místnost, kde jsou děti, byla dostatečně větraná, pokud se jedná o interiérové akce.

We’ll be pleased to personally advise you on the location of a children’s play-corner and share our rich experience with you. Our suggestions are based on practice and take age and children’s needs into account, and also the type of event or the involvement of visitors to the event.

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