Work and children under one roof

Expected opening in autumn 2012

A young child belongs with the parents. Parents are the most fulfilled among their peers where self-realization and recognition can be found…

What is goal of this project?

We would like to create a modern center for parents with young children on paternity leave. The center is designed in a way to enable parents to devote time to work, education, networking or relaxing, while their children are close by under the same roof and taken care for by professional educators.

Who we are?

We are four women of different ages, professions, with various parental and working experience. Endeavor to support active parents with small children brought us together. By supporting parents on their way to personal satisfaction would help to overcome obstacles set by society.

Who can benefit from this space?

  • Mothers/ fathers who are taking care for children full time, but do not want give up completely their professional and personal development.
  • For self-employed mothers/ fathers who need babysitting but wish to be near to and available for their children.
  • For those parents who wish to work part time and need not only babysitting but also working opportunities.
  • For women who need re-training and guidance prior returning to working place after parental leave.
  • For women and men interested in developing social and professional networks.
  • For parents seeking education and personal development while their children are provided with a quality programme.
  • For women who desire to relax with a massage or beauty treatment, while their children are cared for.
  • For entrepreneurial pa looking for opportunities to promote their own projects, services or products.

Service offered at Baby Office

The following activities are being considered in this stage of the project which is not final yet.

  • Providing remote employment opportunities for parents at companies across Czech Republic.
  • Providing part-time job opportunities at company’s site located in Prague for selected target group.
  • Providing a working environment for self-employed parents.
  • Offering a variety of activities for children of parents who take advantage of the premises.
  • Supporting education of parents (language courses, trainings, workshops, vocational trainings…).
  • Offering job opportunities at the center (Baby Office).
  • Offering relaxing activities (beauty treatment, massages) on the premises.

How should Baby Office look like?

We envision an modern space divided into several segments according to the purpose which they serve:

  • Room for Children – a space where children (1-6 years) will be led by professionals in a play activities to develop their skills and knowledge
  • ‘Open space’ type workspace with office equipment (copier, printer, tie) and a connection to Internet, where parents could quietly work
  • 2 meeting rooms for business appointments, workshops, meetings, language courses, etc.
  • reception with cafeteria and tables for relaxing cup of coffee or meals for children and parents
  • Facilities with a kitchenette for heating meals, classic bathroom, dressing room.

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